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Go Latino!

21 Jun

Banda, Reggaeton and Mariachi is basically the kind of music I expected to hear in the clubs in Mexico. Now, after living there for almost a year I can for sure say that this was quite a prejudgmental thought and I was proven wrong more or less to a ridiculous level.

I’m sure Guadalajara is quite an extreme example on the Mexican music scene, but the amount of good, modern and especially electronic and indie music I got to enjoy while there, is so outstanding, that I would wash the (non-existant) club life of Norrköping and probably even Stockholm down the drain.

Except being able to see big international bands like the french indie-group Phoenix, Erlend Loes amazing The Whitest Boy Alive or high shots like Kings of Leon and Coldplay the electronic scene in Guadalajara is exceptional. The list of more or less famous dj’s, electro groups etc, that I’ve seen, or at least could have seen during my eleven months in Guadalajara is so long that I would bore you more than impress you by writing it here. Think everything between Massive Attack & Dj Tiësto (which I’m not a big fan of though) to Popof & M.A.N.D.Y.

What I wanted to dedicate this little post to today though, is the interesting fusion music that I’ve run into while being in Mexico. A good example of that is Tijuana Sound Machine by Nortec Collective, Fussible & Bostich which is a great mix of traditional norteño music with electronic tunes. I saw them live once in a club that’s definitely not the biggest one in Guadalajara, but that night it was for sure the most popular one. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place so crowded before, it was almost painful. The absolute best part of the evening was just before closing time, when they re-played the songs in new remixes, it was so great because by then you had room to jump around and the remixes were very, very good.

Unfortunately I can’t find any of those remixes on Youtube, but I really like this one anyway!


The Time-Wasting Process.

18 Jun

Yesterday I asked some friends what there is to do here in Norrköping. I just couldn’t come up with anything that’s not drinking coffee, drinking beer, watching films, go shopping or taking a walk. Of course I do enjoy these activities but my current economic situation quite exclude the shopping and there’s actually even a limit to how much time and money I like to spend on drinking coffee and beer. So, that leaves me with taking walks and watching films (eating a lot of popcorn, and then walk it off.), maybe not a very diverse summer.

Of course though, there’s a lot of other things to do! Yesterday we talked about playing badminton and doing some sports in the park, which is fun. But I also like to keep the cultural side of my brain active during the summer, so why haven’t I thought of going to some of the exhibitions in town? Norrköping actually have some good museums and my personal favourite is “Arbetets Museum” (The Museum of Work) which is placed in a beautiful old industrial building just by the university in the centre of the city. Of course, there is far from as many possibilities to take part of modern, new and interesting exhibitions here in Norrköping, a city of about 125.000 people, as there was in Guadalajara, but at least I can make sure to visit the ones that are actually here.

Since I have a weak spot for photography I especially look for photo exhibitions and Arbetets Museum do have some current ones that I’ll probably go and check out this weekend! One that seem interesting is called “Sverige från ovan” (Sweden from above), and it consist of air photos taken by the photographer Lars Bygdemark, whom been taking air photos of the Swedish landscape for almost thirty years now. I’ve seen a similar exhibition once in Karlstad, Sweden, and it might actually have been photos taken by Bygdemark, anyways, those photos were absolutely amazing, so it’ll be fun to go and check out this exhibition as well!

How To Waste Time In The Most Efficant way

Here below is a photo that I took when I went on the “Chepe” train in northern Mexico and so far (except some photos taken of the Nazca lines in Peru) that’s the closest I’ve got to air photography.

Free Concert!

16 Jun

Several times in my life I’ve wished that I’d live in the big apple, New York. This is definitely one of those times!
The fabulous indie rock band “Band of Horses” are going to have a FREE concert in New york this Friday! It’s not sure whereabouts in New York the Seattle band is going to play, all information there is about this mysterious free concert is their announcement on twitter:

“We’re playing a free show in Manhattan on Friday. Watch this space for details.”

So everyone who might be in New York this Friday – keep your eyes and ears out! Band of Horses is an absolutely awesome live bands, so take this opportunity to see them!


15 Jun

I’ve made a little interpretation of a Crystal Castles cd-cover.


They Can’t Be Stopped

15 Jun

Good news for the world!

The Electronica-rock duo Ratatat from New York finally got their new album LP4 out (and finally it’s available on Spotify)! The songs on LP4 follow the well-recognized sound from the earlier albums and got some amazingly dramatic and beautiful songs. I especially like the heavy and a bit dark opening track “Bilar”, the upbeat “Drugs”, the funkiness of “Mandy” and.. more or less the rest of them actually.

This is a video made to the song “Party With Children”, which is an awesome song. I actually really like this video as well, it’s made with extremely small means (basically just a bird) but still made interesting!


Photo of the Day

14 Jun

I would be lying if I’d write that I’ll actually have a “photo of the day” everyday, but at times I will update the photo gallery on the Photography page, and those times I will probably put one of my favourites as a “photo of the day”.

Except uploading this photo here today I also sent it (as well as a couple more) to a photo competition! It’s actually not as fancy as it might sound but it’s the first one I’m participating in so it’s actually quite exciting. The photo competition is arranged by the swedish radio show P3 Planet, which is a radio program made by young people travelling the world (I’ve done two short reportage from Mexico that have been broadcasted on the show). The theme of the competition is called “On the Road” and based in that you can interpret it freely.

So, check out the updated gallery on the Photography page!

Walk for Life

Creel trainstation, Mexico

My Morning Elegance

14 Jun

Good Morning World!

I think many people would agree that a perfect start in the morning is listening to good music. One of my absolute favourites is this beautiful song by the Israeli singer Oren Lavies. Except being a great song “My Morning Elegance” also got an amazing music video, that even won a Grammy for “Best Short Form Music Video” 2009.

So enjoy this beautiful song and stop motion video by Oren Lavie!

Directed by Oren Lavie, Yuval and Merav Nathan
Photography Eyal Landesman
Featuring Shir Shomron

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