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It’s time for RoseNoize!

17 Jul

Made this illustration that is based a cd-cover of a group that really makes you shake it on the dance floor!


You know which one? Ok, it’s the cover for Starter by Boys Noize! So put them on and get ready for an awesome Saturday night, out and about!


Call me lengthy or maybe just late?

8 Jul

There’s this wonderful song made by the australian siblings Angus & Julia Stone, called Big Jet Plane. Until today I’ve enjoyed that song with it’s beautiful and simple music together with the dream-away lyrics. I’m not saying that I like it less now, but I just came to think that maybe there’s an underlying meaning to the lyrics that just took me a long while to get.

Call me lengthy or maybe just late, but is that Big Jet Plane, really just a Jet Plane? Or a plane at all?

Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone

She said, hello mister
Pleased to meet ya
I want to hold her,
I want to kiss her,
She smell the daisy,
She smell the daisy,
She drive me crazy,
She drive me crazy

Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane
Yeah, hey

Be my lover,
My lady river
But can i take ya,
Take ya higher

Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane
Hey hey

Gonna hold you,
Gonna kissing my arms
Gonna take you,
Away from home

Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane
Hey hey

What do you think? Is this a overanalyze caused by my education, or maybe some kind of sexual frustration? Or is this song not really about taking a ride on a big jet plane but taking a ride on a big (jet?) dick?

Exit Through the Gift Shop

6 Jul

This summer a very interesting film is screening on the theaters in the United States. Exit Through the Gift Shop is a film that started out picturing the rising movement of street art but ended up showing more of the mysterious and legendary British street artist Banksy.

If you don’t know who Banksy is, all I can say is; google him! You will be amazed. Check out the pictures and you will absolutely love it! His art is full of sarcasm, political messages and humour.

Anyhow, what I don’t like about the screening of the Exit Through the Gift Shop is that it’s only in the theaters in the United States! I guess and hope that it eventually will find its way to some arty corner of Europe, and hopefully even Sweden. Anyhow, the film looks very interesting, you can see the trailer on YouTube and I suppose the whole thing will be up there soon enough as well. Here below I’ll give you a little taste of Banksys awesome art on the trailer of the film!

A Massive Attack on the Fat

5 Jul

I’ll start this post with a promise: This blog will never be about weight or diet or anything like that.

Good now when I made that clear I will break my promise a teeny-weeny bit, which you probably could have guessed reading the heading “A Massive Attack on the Fat”. What I mean with this is exactly what it sounds like, my absolute best friend when I’m out running, walking or doing any other kind of physical exercise is the music made by the Bristol band Massive Attack. Their hypnotic trip-hop electronic sound actually does put me in a kind of trance. Listening to them I can go on and on and on, at least until the end of the song(s). It’s not that Massive Attack has the upbeat that makes you run faster, but it just won’t let you stop. To the tunes of Girl I Love You I keep going like a steam train. It’s like you can’t make any excuses to this music, it’s completely enchanting.

I experienced the same when I saw Massive Attack in concert this spring. There was five of us and all of us were completely fascinated about different things in the show. No one took their eyes of the stage. If you managed to look away from the extremely well done light show, the big screen full of underlying messages, the two drum sets, mystical voices or slow dancing; you would see an audience completely focused and hypnotised around you. It was like the people around you (including myself) was synced with the singer and his moves. It was far from a “normal” concert. I can honestly say that it’s in my top three concerts, ever. But then of course, you can always wonder how honest that answer really is. Maybe Massive Attack is just a little more hypnotizing that you’d think……

Enjoy one of my favourite songs Psyche recorded with another amazing artist, Martina Topley Bird.

The Change of Plans – The best of Plans

1 Jul

I must complain a little bit of not keeping my promises. Here I go talking about keeping the brain active during the summer. My plan was to go and see some exhibitions around town, have I done that yet? No, of course not! I do have one excuse, I did try to go to the museum one day and it was closed! But, it was the day after Midsummer so anyone should have known that it is a big “hang-over day” in Sweden, not a time for cultural experiences. But, maybe it doesn’t really matter that I haven’t checked out those exhibitions quite yet? I can promise you I’ve used my brain in a lot of other ways! Even more than choosing between beer brands and cups of coffee.

Except my current summer job, I have a little side project! I was asked to be the contact person or project leader (don’t really know what I’m supposed to call it!) for a project that will go on until the end of November. Here in Norrköping there’s a really cool Film festival in which I’ve volunteered a couple of times before and they are now in the process of changing their graphic profile and homepage. They’ve hired a really good agency to develop the “new face” of the organization, and I’m the contact person between the agency and the organization itself. I’m really excited about this since I’m very interested in both film and graphic design! It’s also a perfect experience since I’m studying to become a producer/projectleader! It’s going to be very exiting to follow this project from the start! And hopefully come out with something really cool in the end of it!

So, maybe this whole “not attending” exhibitions isn’t that bad, at least I can spend time in the evenings doing something that really interest me at the same time as get some good experience out of it! After all, the summer is long (even though time seems to go faster and faster everyday) so I’m sure I can fit one or two exhibitions in between all the other fun stuff!

After listening to the radio yesterday where they spoke about making promises for their summer holidays (like not drinking rosé wine everyday, not checking their emails etc), and in a way that “visiting museums” would have been mine. My point is though, that maybe following through promises and plans doesn’t always have to be the best, maybe the change of plans is the best of plans!

Here beneath is a picture I took on the beautiful Island of Isla Mujeres in the south of Mexico. (And nothing is done in Photoshop!

The Lonely Bridge of the Caribbean Ocean


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