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Time to Taste the Kiwi

30 Aug

For quite some time now I’ve been well aware of the fact that Australians make amazing electro-pop! I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the headliners on swedish music festivals this summer was Cut Copy and Empire of the Sun (unfortunately the music festival Empire of the Sun should have played on went completely broke and had to shut down and I didn’t make it to any festival this year).

I could and maybe I should let this post be all about those awesome Aussie electro-pop bands but instead I’d like to write that I’ve found out that New Zealand isn’t too bad either, when it comes to producing this kind of music! My latest favourite is The Young and the Naked and while listening to them on YouTube (they don’t exist on Spotify yet!) I found a whole bunch of other cool bands! I’ve had to listen over and over again to Downtime and Ghost by Kidz in Space and the music video for In Your Blood by Computers Want me Dead is beautifully retro, and the song is quite great too!

So tune in on the kiwis and fall in love (and whilst you’re there you might as well visit the outstanding Aussies because they still lead the pack for sure)!!

Official video for Computers Want Me Dead – In Your Blood.
Shot and directed by Simon Ward in Wellington NZ


Spotify, the convenience and the death of imagination

2 Aug

I don’t keep it a secret. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I am addicted. Not to drugs or alcohol. I am addicted to music and more precisely Spotify. Hello, my name is Rosanna and I am a Spotify Addict. Fine, now we’ve settled that.

There’s not a lot of things that I can complain about when it comes to Spotify. There’s some things that I can get concerned about though. First thing is the convenience. It’s so ridiculously easy to listen to music on Spotify. So, when it’s not easy, I mostly just skip it. If I can’t find the song or the group that I’m looking for, I just don’t bother to search any further. There’s so many other things that I conveniently can enjoy. The result of this is me limiting my musical scene to what is available on Spotify and even if there’s a lot there, isn’t everything. For example, I rarely listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers anymore, because their last three albums aren’t available, and there’s so many good remixes that doesn’t find their way in to Spotify. Even if you can find the rarest kind of music, it’s still “mainstreaming”.
The second thing that I’m missing out on, which goes hand in hand with the development of my imagination, is music videos. I absolutely love a good music video. On Spotify there’s none.

So, sometimes I do what other music junkies do and force myself to regress to YouTube. So wonderfully uncontrolled it’s a risky jungle. Youtubing is like looking for the few pieces of gold in a load of crap. But really, it’s is definitely worth the search.

Serious eye candy.

But then again, the convenience take over hand and I crawl back to scrolling down my endless list of music on my dearest, and most addictive friend; Spotify.

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