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The Torture Playlist

30 Oct

I just saw a documentary that scared the shit out of me. It was on the program K Special on Swedish public service. The documentary discussed “Music that hurts”. In other words, music that is used for torture or in warfare.

One of the main topics in the documentary was the american military’s use of music as a “non touch torture” method in Guantanamo and Iraq prisons. It’s extremely efficient since it’s psychological not physical, which made it easier for soldiers to use the methods, since they didn’t see music as torture. Of course you can ask yourself how it’s not torture when played for up to 48 h (maybe more) to prevent the prisoners from sleeping, at very high decibel. Sometimes prisoners hands and feet were tied, making them in a state of panic listening to the repeated tunes and beats of the songs, or (the incredibly disturbing ) white noise.

It’s not only the american military whom have used music as torture, or for getting their soldiers in “the right mood” in battle. It’s been used in concentrations camps and as a training method for torture resistance, even here in Sweden.

An american reporter called Justine Sharrok did some investigations about the use of music as torture and by doing interviews with soldiers from Guantanamo and Iraq prisons she managed to put together a playlist of the frequently and systematically used songs. Since it’s Halloween… and it’s purpose was scary as shit, I will write it here below.

1. Fuck Your God – Deicide
2. Die MF Die – Dope
3. Take Your Best Shot – Dope
4. White America – Eminem
5. Kim – Eminem
6. “I Love You” – Barney The Dinosaur
7. Bodies – Drowning Pool
8. “Enter Sandman” – Metallica
9. Meow Mix TV commercial
10. “Sesame Street” Theme
11. “Babylon”– David Gray
12. Born In The USA – Bruce Springsteen
13. Shoot To Thrill – ACDC
14. Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees
15. All Eyes On Me – Tupac
16. Dirrty – Christina Aguilera
17. America – Neil Diamond
18. Bulls On Parade – Rage Against The Machine
19. American Pie – Don McLean
20. Click Click Boom – Saliva
21. Cold – Matchbox 20
22. Swan Dive – Hed P.E.
23. Raspberry Beret – Prince
24. “Dirrty,” Christina Aguilera
25. “Shoot to Thrill,” AC/DC
26. “We are The Champions,” Queen
27. Britney Spears “…Baby One More Time”
28. Barry Manilow “Mandy”
29. Captain & Tennille “Muskrat Love”
30. Twisted Sister “We’re Not Gonna Take It”
31. Neil Diamond“America”
32. Meat Loaf “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”

Did you find any of your favorites in there? I wouldn’t doubt that song could be in many people’s nightmares today.

For a listenable version of the playlist click here.

And.. Happy Halloween?


Stop the Bitterness and Start Dancing!

30 Oct

Many times I’ve sat here being a bit bitter about missing out on all of the fun that seems to be happening everywhere, but here. In Guadalajara there’s constantly a new music group that I’d like to see, next big one’s in December, LCD Soundsystem and Of Montreal. Earlier this autumn there’s been heaps, Belle & Sebastian is just one of them.

But then, actually thinking about it; there’s been loads of concerts here as well this autumn (maybe not quite as awesome bands but still) and so far I haven’t gone to a single one! It could be that they always seem to collide with my busiest days, but now I’m starting to feel that I’m just lazy. Next Friday the Swedish pop artist Moto Boy will play at Lilla Teatern in Norrköping, and I’d really like to see him. Of course though, it’s in the middle of the heaviest/busiest filming week of the children’s movie we’re making. So by Friday, I think I’ll be surprised if I can even say my own name.

On my birthday though, the 25th of November, I get the best birthday gift ever! Familjen is playing at club Hugos in town, so THAT is a must! Can’t imagine a better way to celebrate, dancing away to the amazing tunes of Det snurrar i min skalle, Kom säger dom or Det var jag!

So, maybe I should stop the bitterness and start dancing!

Familjen – Det Snurrar I Min Skalle by HYBRIS

And a little appetizer:

Director: Mats Udd
D.O.P. & Grading: Petrus Sjövik
Producer: Robert Samuelsson
Editing: Anton Skott
Project leader: Simon Bengtsson

Produced by Galej Produktion, powered by Hybris & Adrian Recordings

OMG! I Think My Blog is a Dickhead!

28 Oct

It was time for my blog to get its own identity. I think it became a hipster.
It got a bit of an adidas jacket vibe and I think I like it!
I can’t really decide if it becomes a bit too much after a while though.

What do you think?

For those who’ve lived under a rock lately or on some remote island and some how missed the video “Being a Dickhead’s Cool” this is probably the time to show it (otherwise the heading to this post is just plain weird). For those who like the song, it’s also available on Spotify!


28 Oct

Everything in this blog lately has been screaming about me gone all minimalistic on you. That’s surely the case, mostly because I find it the most appropriate music to listen to while studying (and dancing to weirdly enough). It sort of gets me in to a trance, making me f-ing good at concentrating! Sometimes that concentration is broken though I suppose, since when I hear something exceptionally good I’d like to share it here.

This time though, I’d like to recommend something a lot less minimal and a lot more tropical. It’s a group that reminds me of Australian Cut Copy and the Kiwigroup The Naked and the Famous. These guys are English though, more specifically from London I think. Surely it’s very nice. Only the their name Is Tropical might heat up any cold and rainy autumn! Their debut album will be released in early 2011, which will be good, since only two of their songs are available on Spotify at the moment.
In November they’re touring with Mystery Jets, which probably is quite an awesome combo. So, anyone around England at that time should definitely check it out! More info on their Myspace.

This is their video for the song South Pacific. The song is written and performed by IS TROPICAL and the video is directed by Gareth Phillips. Enjoy!

Simplified Hoboing

27 Oct

First some of my own stuff:

Simply Hobo

Simplified Hoboing

Then I complement it with an awesome track! (Doesn’t it sound like they say “Hobo” right in the start? Random coincidence..)

Dennis Ferrer – The Red Room (Obj Vocal Mix) by Marios Muzik

The Curse of Facebook Chat

23 Oct

Facebook in all honor gives us the possibility to stay in contact with friends all over the globe with out actually putting any bigger effort in to it. There’s no need to write letters, buy stamps, go to the post box and wait for weeks for a respond. We don’t even have to write a longer email. To stay in contact it’s roughly seen enough to “like” someones status from time to time, comment on something, share a link, say “Happy Birthday” on someones birthday, a birthday that you’ve actually haven’t remembered at all, but thank God for Facebook! A little line on someones wall and you stay in contact.

Even if this might seem as a shallow and lazy way to keep in contact with friends I would say that it’s better than nothing. Sadly enough I probably wouldn’t really make the effort to write long emails or letters anyway. Then of course all of my 600 something friends on Facebook aren’t really my “real” friends either, but I don’t really care about that either. As long as I can use it to stay in touch with people I do care about I am happy enough.

I do think Facebook can be responsible for breaking friendships too though. Not only trough spying and seeing something you don’t like on a photo. I’d like to call it “the Curse of Facebook Chat”. How many times haven’t you been chatting with someone on Facebook chat and then all of a sudden they go offline. Or they just don’t respond. Then you get a little line after a while saying that you went offline. Maybe it’s not the fault of Facebook chat, but the Internet connections. But still, I would say it does piss me off. I guess you could use the “online-offline, the message has not been delivered function” if you’d like to stay out of conversations you don’t really want to have. Otherwise, it is definitely a risky business since sometimes half your message get through, but maybe not the “wink” that showed the sarcasm in it. Or imagine you’ve just told someone the secret of your life, and they go offline. Not nice.

With the risk of sounding like a certain Carrie Bradshaw,

I couldn’t help but wonder, will Facebook chat be the end of us?

Give me More! More! More!

22 Oct

Finally with a little time on my hands I started playing around a little in Garageband, a program on the Mac, for making music. Of course it doesn’t sound overly amazing since I’m using the loops available in the original version. But, it’s loads of fun anyhow. I’m quite tempted to get a keyboard, but I have to make sure I’ll actually use it. So it won’t be like the guitar I’ve borrowed from a friend. It makes a perfect decoration for my room right now, at least it looks like I’m a cool gal playing the guitar.

Well, I took a break from listening to my own creation for hours and started to listen to the new Booka Shade album “More!” and it is RIDICULOUS!! It’s the best things I’ve heard in a long while! When writing this I’m nine songs in to the album and I’m loving all of them. It’s giving me extreme cravings for a full dance floor, in a club that is not to be found in this little town of mine. Quite frustrating actually.

I have to say it again, the Booka Shade album “More!” is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Promise you’ll listen to it, it’s available on Spotify. You will not regret it.

Here’s a little appetizer!

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