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Finally a New Media Meeting!

20 Nov

Today is gonna be a very good day!

My favorite concert friend is coming to visit me in Norrköping! We’re actually quite old friends now, we met on a language course in Malta when I was turning 16 and she was 15. Time does go fast. Anyhow, what me and her have most in common is our interest in music. She’s my so called concert friend! We’ve been to Glastonbury Festival in England twice together and I’ve been to Stockholm visiting her and checking out some bands from time to time. So, now she’s coming to see me in Norrköping for the first time! And…. of course there’s something big going on here! Only thing though, is that I’m not sure if she likes that kind of music, which will be quite electric. But as another friend said “as long as she likes people and beer”, and that’s a good point.

So what’s going on in our little town a night like this? NMM event for 20th of NovemberWell, one of the coolest events of the year New Media Meeting! NMM is an annual media art festival, packed with innovative works in electronic art, media and visualization! There’s always interesting lectures combined with amazing parties. Definitely one of the highlights of the year!

Check this out if you want to know more about it: NMM.

Now, I need to get ready and meet up with my friend at the station. It’s time to get this wicked weekend started!


Spammed up Confidence

19 Nov

I find one thing hilarious; Spam on blogs.

Luckily WordPress is awesome at blocking spam. Sometimes I go in and read them though and they can be quite funny actually. It just makes me think, who on earth waste their time doing these things? Of course it’s all digital, if you write a certain word it finds it and comment on your post. But still, from the start someone must have sat down thinking; hm…what should I write? I found this one especially witty, don’t you reckon?:

“I never comment on blogs, but this one is awesome! Thanks. haircuts
You nicely summed up the issue. I would add that this doesn’t exactly concenplate often. xD Anyway, good post…”

And to that it was a link to some obscure site somewhere either offering you trojans, products or just a plain virus.

Perhaps I should see it from a positive point of view? Just look at it with my blue eyes and feel proud that someone really likes my blog? Oh, the beauty of denial…

This Knight is Such a Delight

18 Nov

I actually just discovered this artist called Kris Knight. Looking through his portfolio I’m really liking what I see. His paintings are filled with emotion. The subjects mainly look straight at the observer, and with those red cheeks and shiny eyes it surely goes straight to my heart. If these people on the paintings been frozen in a moment of sadness for eternity, or what those expressions actually like to convey I can’t answer. But I do love how they move me. Knight is extremely successful with creating paintings with personalities. Many times I think that it’s very difficult to paint faces, since they express so much. It may be hard to capture these kinds of expressions in a convincing manner, but I definitely think that Knight manage that perfectly.

Make sure to check out his recent paintings, I especially love the one called Lake Erie (Gold). Also look at the ones called All Babes Are Wolves. Or.. just check out all of them, they’re stunning!

Not Just Your Average Guy

17 Nov

For about a month now, I’ve been working as the market executive (not sure if it’s the right title, but it doesn’t really matter, I’m responsible for the marketing and communication anyhow) for a cinema and media educational centre that’ll open in 2011. During a couple of weeks I’ve been working on a analysis of our potential target markets. It’s been really interesting, learning about the habits and preferences of the swedish cinema visitor. In general I’m really happy about this job, I think it’s really interesting, fun and a possibility to really test and develop my abilities within marketing and communications.

One of the target markets I named “Börje” (typical name for a middle aged man in Sweden), he’s 52 years old and loves to go to the cinema. He visits cinemas many times more each year than the average swede. Here below is a illustration of “Börje” that I used in a presentation of the analysis on Monday.

So say hi to Börje!

Börje the Cinema Lover

Listen To Your Favorite Song (Buy My Phone!)

15 Nov

One interesting development in the advertisement world and the music world is the one of music branding. When artists and companies cooperate, you can make your customers become your fans. This way music groups get a steady income from the cooperation and their music heard meanwhile the companies reach target markets through something they love; music, instead of something they many times despise; advertisement.

Making the advert or song easily spread and without limiting copyrights the message can spread like a virus over the web. With other words; very well functioning viral marketing. People love to share what they like, and if they see an especially good song or funny video (even better combined) it’s often shared between friends. Thinking that people have about 500-1000 “friends” on Facebook, that is a huge network in which the message could be spread. If their friends like it they can spread it within their own networks (about 500-1000 more, each). Some videos have millions of views on YouTube, some get thousands in just a couple of days.

I think music branding definitely is a winning concept. Of course it does feel a bit fake, thinking of your favorite artist selling you a brand, not just the art of music. But I guess that’s a problem in many ways, when companies get involved in the “private” sphere. Not everyone is all positive of the growing importance advertisement and companies play on Facebook and Twitter for example. Thinking of the music market though, it’s not like it’s been without commercial influences before either. And as long as the artists and the companies and the fans/customers are satisfied, it’s nothing but good, right?

Check out this video below. It was linked on Facebook by a friend of mine in England, it’s a dairy commercial and it’s hilarious!

I’m Standing In The Shadow Of An Empire

9 Nov

Lately I’ve felt bored with the music I’m listening to. Listening to the same tracks over and over again. There’s a huge ocean full of unexplored music out there, all so incredibly available, but still I’m swimming around in the pond of my back garden. I’m so tired of all the old gold-fish, I need the bite of a huge shark.

Sometimes when the inspiration is fading and the search for what’s new seems hopeless, it’s time to look back. Re-live the past with new eyes. That’s what I did. I started to go back to the singer-songwriters that warmed up my cold autumn nights back in 2006. They are the left overs of a broken relationship, the memories of a faded love. Strangely tainted with comfort. I say hello to my long-lost lovers; Josh Ritter, Joshua Rouse and Fionn Regan. The latter I’ve welcomed with a loving embrace.

The album The Shadow of an Empireby the amazing son of Ireland, Fionn Regan is filled with a undescribable beauty. I’ll try to put words to it anyway. It’s retro and rougher than his earlier album. It’s still folky but far more electric guitar than before. Sometimes my thoughts go to Dylan or Cohen, sometimes to early rock or rockabilly. Influences of british legends such as The Clash or The Stone Roses and from time to time he seems to be walking hand in hand with Pete Doherty and The Libertines. All this with his own Fionn Regan style. He does it so incredibly well. Moves every part of me, the hair on my neck, the beat of my heart, the tears in my eyes. The lyrics, so dark and painful, lift you in to the shadow of a haunting empire; still in the comforting arms of Regan himself. Oh, Genocide Matinee, Violent Demeanour, Catacombs…. honest, straight on, and oh so good.

I am in love and I’m telling you it’s a passionate love affair.

Click here to listen to it on Spotify.

Like Any Ordinary Week

8 Nov

I almost never write about my everyday experiences. Some people do it well in their blogs and it can be somewhat interesting to read about it. This time, I actually think it would be interesting to read about my week too. But I just don’t like to babble about it, but I made you a list;

– Finishing the filming of a children’s movie : check!
– Having 10 adults desperately trying to make 1 child smile : check!
– Being soaked in a boat while making waves. Trying not to throw water on the children, nor the expensive redhead (lamp, not a lady) : check!
– Drinking black coffee thinking how horrible it tastes, and still take another cup (and another..) : check!
– Losing the feeling in my feet after being out in the cold for hours, wishing I was a more outdoory person that actually owns proper warm clothes and shoes. (Living in a freaking cold country for fuck sake) : check!
– Taken more baths in a bathtub in one week than in the last 5 years. : Check!
– Buying 15 bag tea box for 85 kr (yes just stupid, but I felt sick and sorry for myself..mind it was chili chai..does sound cool doesn’t it?) Check…..
– Dropped my Lumix camera twice, and it survived twice. (thank God for Panasonic quality!) : check!

And then the rest less cool stuff (but part of the movie making, so not necessarily me gone insane) :

– Seen a unicorn
– Been in a dark forest
– Said hello to the lord of the dark forest

Here below is a picture of the shady and scary, but oh so beautiful “dark forest”.
Dark Forest / Mörka Skogen

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