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8 Days til Christmas – A Tribute to Awesome Times

16 Dec

Ok, I admit. I’m lousy at doing a christmas countdown. I missed yesterday, but what’s so cool about 9 days until christmas anyway?

Right now, here in Sweden, everything is white. The cloudy sky, the snow and my flat with it’s white interior design. Everything is white everywhere. So colorless. It’s making me go mildly crazy. Last time this year I was in Mexico, enjoying the sun, with colors and life surrounding me.

This is a litte tribute to that memory. And also to my friends, with whom I’d love to spend christmas on a beach with. We need a little light, a little hope and a little warmth. So, for the 16th of December let’s enjoy this beautiful video by Villeneuve.

Villeneuve – The Sun (feat. Nili)

Music : The Sun by Villeneuve
Directed by Jérémie Duriez
Featuring Villeneuve & Alexandra Valet


The Perfect Gift

14 Dec

Christmas is not only about presents, haven’t we heard that since we we’re little?

It’s not only about commerce but compassion. The importance of friends and family before all the i-Love and wii-love. About giving thoughts to people less fortunate, not only giving away fortunes as presents. It’s about caring and not only about yourself.

Here’s a little christmas present though, but a present worth some reflection. It’s a story that might not be all christmasy, but it’s most definitely a way to talk about love. It’s compassion in a multi-colored package, thought-provoking joy. So enjoy.

Earth Girl Helen Brown – Story Of An Earth Girl
Animation by Ben Montero and Sophie McInerney
Created by Sonny Smith from Sonny and the Sunsets

11…ehm.. 10 days til Christmas.

14 Dec

For the hat.

12 Days til Christmas

12 Dec

Ok, so all of a sudden I decided to do a little Christmas countdown with little treats everyday. I know I’ve missed 12 days already, but I’m sure someone else has covered them well anyway!

So, behind nr 12 you find……

“Christmas Lights” by Coldplay, video directed by Mat Whitecross.

I’m actually more a fan of the video that the song, it’s really pretty. I like how they use real requisite and how they’re on an old looking stage – it’s actually a bit like what we’re thinking of doing in a music video we’re gonna film in January. Except..well, a lot less expensive. In a way I like the song too though, it’s fun with something new and not all these re-makes of old christmas songs over and over again.

Happy 3rd Advent!

A Night in Black & White

11 Dec

It’s certainly the time to become more educated within film. I love film, I really do. I work with the marketing for a upcoming cinema and media education centre. I’ve volunteered several years in a row in a film festival. I’ve arranged a short film festival. Ok, you get the picture. Still, I feel uneducated when it comes to films. There are so many films I haven’t seen and honestly, when being around all these film fanatics, it does feel a little embarrassing. Perhaps I have little more knowledge in music, but still I need to sort myself out when it comes to films. I shouldn’t say this out loud..but I haven’t even seen the most important Bergman films! Bad. Very bad indeed.

Anyhow, as I said, I’ve started to educate myself! And yesterday must have been the big B&W night. I watched this awesome French film,La Haine (Hate), by director Mathieu Kassovitz. It is from 1995 and filmed in a sharp, beautiful, black and white. Amazing dialogs and such interesting photography. It takes place in the slums outside of Paris and out of the perspective of their residence. During a day you get to follow three main characters in what could be just a normal day in a Paris scared by riots. It’s a truly impressive film.

The other one I watched in the middle of the night (when I really should have been sleeping since I’m close to the deadline of my thesis) was 12 Angry Men. An old classic from 1957. I was amazed, it’s probably one of my favorite films now. The film basically takes place in one room, where 12 men are trying to agree on the verdict in a murder case. Henry Fonda who plays one of them might just have become my hero. Such interesting dialog and it also feels a bit like a time documentation. Bringing the issues and prejudice of the 50’s to the surface. Very well played characters and morally interesting without it becoming too much like the american series on TV (read: 7th Heaven).

I really recommend both of the films, they’re both interesting and really worth a watch! While thinking about it, both of them are really questioning society in relation to prejudice, democracy and the legal system. Both discuss the view of people in “slums” and it’s really interesting how the same problems seem to exist in the 90’s as it did in the 50’s. Probably even today.

Here below is a clip from La Haine and it certainly show the innovative, daring and truly amazing photography of this film.


10 Dec

This is a beautiful and experimental video shot with a Canon 5D and a 100 mm lens. The photographer Jesse Zanzinger has filmed Sesame Street’s Pinball Number Count through oil and water. It is so simple and gives a incredible result!

Stunning really. (You should really watch the video on full screen!)

Also check out his own page on vimeo!

Refraction from Jesse Zanzinger on Vimeo.

A Trip to Tigercity

8 Dec

These last couple of days I’ve definitely found a trail of gold! I just keep exploring new (at least for me) amazing groups that are so in tune with my state of mind!

Sometimes when a friend show’s you a group or a song he/she likes you can’t fully appreciate it because it’s not the kind of music that suits you at that exact time. Later though, be hours, days or months you might just see the brilliance in it. It does somewhat frustrate me when I’ve recommended a group or a song to a friend and half a year later they “discover it” and want to show you how good it is. Maybe I do the same though, I hope not.

What I’d like to recommend you tonight, and hope you’re in the right state of mind to truly appreciate it, is the group Tigercity from Brooklyn, New York. These four guys play awesome pop/rock, and the singer’s quite high-pitch voice is awesome and gives a unique touch to their music. They have a nice, relaxed and laid back sound that somewhat takes you back to the earlier rock and even funk of the 70’s or 80’s. Somehow they also remind me of some of my favorites from Australia; Empire of the Sun or Cut Copy, less electronic but still a little disco.
Whatever the inspiration, it’s GOOD!

My favorite song so far is Mallory, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere to post it here. It’s available on their MySpace and on Spotify though!

Make sure you check these guys out, I do hope to see them in Sweden in the future so we better get their viewings up on MySpace and YouTube!

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