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Australian and Kiwi Films on the Schedule

25 Jan

If you have read my blog before you probably know that I’m a big fan of music from Australia and New Zealand, groups like Cut Copy and The Naked and The Famous are some of my favorites. Talking about film though, I’ve seen very little from these two countries. It might be time to sort that out. What I’ve heard there are some real jewels. One called The Castle (Imdb) was repeatedly recommended by Australian friends. From New Zealand there are also some real good ones, I absolutely love the classic Once Were Warriors (Imdb); and I would recommend anyone to see it!

The other week I saw a film with Clive Owen, about a family that faces a very unfortunate destiny. It’s a beautiful narration of a dad who becomes a single parent. The film is called The Boys Are Back (2009) and it’s definitely worth a watch.

Anyhow, there’s also another film on Bio Harlekinen here in Norrköping that I’d love to see. It’s called The Tree and it’s a French/Australian production. The story is quite similar to The Boys Are Back, only this time it’s a mother and her children’s grief after the tragic loss of her husband.


Trailer for Hela Havet Stormar

24 Jan

Today is a very exciting day indeed! The first trailer for the film Hela havet stormar is finished!

The film has been produced within a local talent development project called Eastwood, and is one of the three productions of 2010-2011! A very talented friend of mine, Anna Häll, is the director and the short film, which is a children’s movie, will be shown prior to ordinary screenings on Bio Harlekinen in Norrköping after its premiere on March 4th!

The film was produced outside of the city of Norrköping during the fall of 2010 and it was quite an intense working period! I worked on the production as the script supervisor and got the privilege to work with some really talented people! It was truly an experience, first time working on a slightly larger film production, and this one including both kids and animals (known to be a big no, no – right?). Anyhow, it’s extremely exciting to see the trailer, since I haven’t seen any of the material since the recording during the fall! Really look forward to the premiere and the final result!

So, check out the trailer! (Unfortunately I have to link you to the Facebook page.)

Infidels Of The World Unite

20 Jan

Always good with some Fisherspooner! Even better when it’s been remixed by Mustard Pimp!
This remix makes my flat the coolest club in town. (No, there’s not many cool clubs in town.)

The Springtime Revival

20 Jan

Seriously my Christmas Countdown must have been the lamest ever. I do appologize for that, honestly I don’t even know why I tried! This blog is for writing when inspired, not when forced to. But anyway, it’s a new year and many cool things ahead!

I’ve already been on a trip to London visiting a couple of friends, tried to take some nice pictures with my new SLR, but I think I was walking around with a constant hangover. It clearly didn’t help my creativity. I’m going to Berlin in a couple of weeks to see one of the European capitals that I’ve only heard good things about and also to visit a festival called Transmediale. It most definitely will be good for the creativity to surround oneself with innovative and impressive new media, performances and awesome music!

Check it out on their homepage,

I will finally start going to gigs again as well! The awesome group Den Svenska Björnstammen next week, Bright Eyes on Debaser Medis in Stockholm on the 16th of February and my favorites Cut Copy on Strand in Stockholm on the 11th of March!! Awesome times!

Except this, I will actually create something else than hangovers for myself too. We’re working on a music video for the unsigned group Sunset Sailors, and I will also work with the cover for their first EP. Really exciting!
I’m also working with another really interesting project, that will go on until July-August together with a mexican electro group called Girl is Tough. THAT will be awesome! I’ll let you know more about this soon!

So, the blog has been a bit quiet because life hasn’t! But, I’ll try an update it with all the cool stuff ahead!

Until then, a little list of the music obsessions of the week:

CocoRosie – Fairy Paradise (spotify)
La Fleur Fatale – I Wanna Be Adored (Spotify)
Active Child – When Your Love is Safe (Spotify)
Cut Copy – Time Stand Still (Spotify)

Tate Modern in London

One picture I took at Tate Modern in London. The photo’s not great, but the ideas was!

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