When You Finally Remember

24 Feb

You know those times when you just can’t remember the name of a group. It’s there crazily present, but still so far away. The songs exist like some familiar memory, but not familiar enough for you the be able to even sing a tone. I’ve carried such a burden for years. These guys are a group that I used to listen to a lot in high school. My strongest memory is that it was one of the things I could relate to with a guy in my class. A guy with whom I didn’t have a lot in common with. But with this group, we could feel some kind of fellowship. It was always possible to lean back and talk about this group if there was nothing else to say.

Anyhow, since my graduation in 2005, I haven’t listen to them. They kind of disappeared with my mini disc. Saved on my parents computer and forgotten when I moved out. It has taken me since then to remember. Obviously I haven’t actively tried to find out who they are, but from time to time this distant memory of a long lost music love has come to the surface. So incredibly annoying that they haven’t made themselves known – until yesterday. Who knows why, but all of a sudden the name just popped in to my head. Creed. Yes, it’s actually quite far from what I listen to nowadays. But with all the nostalgia and joy of finally opening that closed box in my head I’ve spent hours listening to One Last Breath and some other songs. Still find that one quite beautiful. Surprisingly I still know the lyrics.

I’ll even share this, incredibly silly (but oh so serious), music video with you. I’m totally high on nostalgia, and the video is at least a good laugh.


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