Film & Music

Film & Music is a constant part of my life and whole days and nights are spent with the tunes of some nice music in the background. I openly admit to be an “Spotify-addict” and searching for new music is a time-consuming but enjoyable activity. Even though I don’t make any music on my own I find it a great source of inspiration in other creative work.

I absolutely love film, both the “making of” and the pure enjoyment of watching it. Within my career at Linköping University we’ve made a couple of films and I’ve learned a lot from it. During my studies in Guadalajara I took a course in Audiovisual production and got to further develop my abilities within the film media. When watching film I have a soft spot for Latin American films, short films, “VJing”, Swedish half-depressed films á Roy Andersson and much more!

Here is a promotion film I made with some friends in the production company Nanai films in the spring of 2010. It was made at the rave, Equinoxio 8, that took place outside of Guadalajara, Mexico in the spring of 2010.


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