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The Lover, Boyfriend, Best Friend, Joy and Support.

22 Feb

For me music is love. A Lover, Boyfriend, Best Friend, Joy and Support. It’s a love that I want to share with friends and a lot about music is the sharing experience. Of course there’re copyrights to think about, but I think we have to embrace the joy people have for sharing – not work against it.
One of the best things is when a friend recommend a really nice mixtape or track. The best feeling is when I can return the favor.

So, no more words. This post is about the love for music and sharing; not the written word. It’s quite perfectly described by this Solomun mixtape, that my mate Helios recommended. I’ll share it with you. It’s pure joy. Enjoy.


Wrap Up the Week Song

5 Dec

The album cover for Big Roar

It’s been a good weekend. A good weekend deserve to end with a good song. Tonight that good song is an awesome cover done by the Welsh trio The Joy Formidable. It’s a low and beautiful interpretation of their former tour mates Passion Pits‘ song Moth’s Wings (which’s also is an amazing song).

The song was part of a three song acoustic set that the band did in NYC for Spin Magazine. You should check out the other ones on the Spin homepage, they’re definitely worth a listen! The band will release their full debut album, The Big Roar, in January of 2010 in the U.K. and in February in the rest of Europe, that surely will be cool!

So good night and I’m tuned out.

The Joy Formidable – Moth’s Wings (Passion Pit acoustic cover) by morrisday

“Baltimore Clap”

13 Jun

This is an incredible music video made by the talented illustrator, musician, director (and more) Kristofer Ström.

It’s quite a terrifying journey through a “clap factory”.

Artist: Benga
Track: Baltimore Clap
Label: Tempa Records
Duration: 3mins 40sec
ISRC: GBQGW1020001
Commissioners: Bart Yates & Sarah Soulja
Director: Kristofer Ström
Production Company: Blinkink
Producer: Bart Yates
Production Manager: Björn Wahlström
Character Design & Animation: Kristofer Ström
Editing & Animation: Erik Buchholtz
Additional Soundfx and muzak: Douglas Holmquist

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