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The Equinoxio 8 Promotion Video

23 Feb

Good Morning world!

As usual it’s a sunny and freezing cold winter day in Norrköping, Sweden. I woke up to something nice this morning, good memories and also good news.

Last spring, when I was still in Guadalajara, Mexico, I studied a course called audiovisual productions. In this course me and some friends made a promotion video for the company Massive Trance, whom arrange the annual rave Equinoxio. We got to film at the Equinoxio 8, where top notch DJ’s like Talamasca and Space Cat were DJ’ing. It was great being involved in such a huge event. Anyhow, now they’ve started to use this video in the promotion of Equinoxio 9. Which is awesome! As it seems my friends keep on the good work with the production company Nanai Films, and they should since they’re both very talented.

Here below is the final result of the promotion video we made. So if you’re going to Mexico in the near future: check out Equinoxio 9!

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