This is me

I’m Rosanna Nordrup, a Social Science and Media Production student living in Norrköping, Sweden. I’m now in my last year at Linköping University and so far it’s very quite interesting! During the fall of 2010 I wrote my thesis on digital relationships, social media and the swedish music business and at the same time I’m working halftime as the marketing manager for a cinema and media education centre that’s opening in September 2011. On the side of that I also worked as the script supervisor in a childrens movie that was produced within a local talent development project called Eastwood. Premier on the 4th of March!

Life won’t be any less busy this spring either! On the side of my marketing job I will be working on a really interesting crowd funding project, in which we hope to interest enough people to be able to bring the awesome Mexican electro pop band Girl is Töugh all the way from Sonora to Sweden for some gigs this September! I’m also working on a music video for the group Sunset Sailors that was recorded in early February, with a Canon 7D. So life surely is busy and fun!

This blog will mainly show stuff that inspire me within my greatest interests music, design, photography and film. Some stuff will be my own creations the rest will be incredibly awesome, inspiring and interesting stuff made by other amazing people!


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